Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries

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You and I both know that the women we see in magazines and movies are not real women. Real women have laugh lines and stretch marks. They have bad hair days, clean up messes, drive mini-vans and sometimes run late. Real women do not always get rescued by a knight in shining armour.

Real women are searching for significance and value, and a place to belong.

The women at Woodside have discovered that real life is only worth living in a relationship with Jesus. You are of infinite value to Him, and He is worth belonging to. He will never abandon you. He will always love you – laugh lines, messes and all.

And ladies, we are in this together. You need friends who get you, who have your back, and who will walk with you on the journey of going deeper with God. We need women who are ahead of us on this journey, who can help us find the path. We need younger women who look to us to invest in them.

At Woodside we believe that we will find real life with Jesus through studying the Bible together and helping each other to live out what we learn. That’s why we meet at Precept and occasionally a relevant seminar is offered.  We know that telling and hearing each other’s stories gives us inspiration for life. That’s why we come to Mug ‘n Mingle. We know that if we get away once in a while to seek God together, we will be better in all of our life roles. That’s why we go on retreat together. (Look for details about these activities below!)

If you are looking for real women doing real life with Jesus, please contact us. We’d love to meet you. Really.

For more information, contact: womensmin@woodsidechurch.ca

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Stephanie Burgess
Sandra deVries
Patti Durston
Jeanette Hiller
Alicia Martin

Living Victoriously Bible Study

Monday nights starting October 15 Three years ago, an emergency room doctor walked into the cold, bare room where I was sitting and told me that I had a general anxiety disorder and severe depression. It is hard to explain what those two labels did to me, but one thing was certain: I felt so incredibly alone. And if there was one place were I felt the most isolated, it was at church, where I had grown up believing that…

Ladies’ Bible Study

TUESDAY AM Beginning September 25th, 9:30-11:30 am, there will a Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday mornings in the youth lounge. A video and discussion based bible study by Nancy Guthrie – The Promised One, Seeing Jesus in Genesis. The study will be facilitated by Patti Durston. The cost is $20 including your study guide. Childcare is also available for $30. Online Registration is available here Payment can be made by cash or cheque, credit or debit. Contact Patti Durston for more information.

Ladies’ Precept Study

TUESDAY AM If you would like to dig a bit deeper and discover God’s truth for yourself, try a Precept Study. In September, we are studying the book of Exodus: Let My People Go (11 weeks) and beginning Leviticus: A Holy God – A Holy People (7 weeks). In the new year, we will conclude Leviticus and carry on to Ephesians: The Church – Rooted in Love, Walking in Power (10 weeks). We will begin on September 11th – Tuesday mornings  9:30-11:30 am.…

Mug ‘N Mingle

As women at Woodside, we want to hear how God is at work in the lives of real women we know. About once a quarter we get together (usually on a Saturday morning) for coffee, a muffin, and a God-story. Bring your own mug and a friend. This is a great way to meet ladies, as you sit and chat around the table. Be refreshed and motivated by hearing what real life with Jesus looks like for a lady you…

Pilates Class

Weekly PILATES Class led by Kaarina Weber Mondays from 5:15 – 6:15 PM Starting September 17, 2018 $5 per class. No sign-up required. Please bring a mat and water bottle. Meeting downstairs at Woodside.

Fireside Friendship

Do you wish you knew more of the women at Woodside?  Do you want an opportunity to build relationships with ladies of all ages?  As sisters in Christ, we share a very special bond!  Fireside Friendship celebrates that bond and gives us all a chance to meet, get to know each other better, and invest into each other’s lives. This is a very casual evening together with dessert, coffee, tea, and a short devotional in the homes of our welcoming…