Sermons by Dan Allen

Sermons by Dan Allen

Inseperable: God’s Presence

Inseparable: God’s Presence Are you living with an awareness that God is for you and that God is with you? Romans 8:1-17 Sermon Outline (PDF)

Alive: The Struggle

Week 5 of 5 in our Alive series through the book of Romans “The Struggle” – Dan Allen Romans 7:14-25 Sermon Outline (PDF)

Broken: Disbelief

What’s the problem with the world? with me? “Disbelief” – Week 3 in our series, Broken Romans 1:21-32 Dan Allen

Broken: Good News

Romans 1:1-17 Pastor Dan beings our new series through the book of Romans. Paul, the author of Romans, proclaims the “Good News” as the Gospel. So what is the Gospel?

God Uses Women

Throughout the Bible, we find many examples of women being used by God. Why is that significant and what does that say about God’s purpose and calling for each one of us – both women and men?

The King’s Return: Be Ready

Matthew 24:36 – 25:46 Jesus told several parables to describe what it will be like when he return – and that we need to be ready because his return will come at an unexpected time. Dan Allen

The King’s Speech: Jesus on Judging

Week 7 in our series looking at the Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 7:1-6 Dan Allen shares what Jesus teaches us about living with others and what judging means. 1. What does Jesus mean by “Do not judge”? 2. Why shouldn’t I judge others? 3. What about those who refuse to be helped?