Protect your kids online with KidsWifi

Protect your kids online with KidsWifi

The KidsWifi device

A limitied number of KidsWifi devices are available for purchase on Sunday for the special price of $100 (reg. $129).

At Woodside, we want to continue to equip parents with the best tools and teaching to help families thrive, not just survive in today’s changing culture.

KidsWifi is a new tool to help protect the kids in your home by setting up their own wireless network that any parent can easily manage. A KidsWifi device filters, monitors and controls all your kids online devices, from tablets to computers to game consoles — even devices brought by visiting friends! You can customize for every device so you control what is appropriate from toddlers to teens. Full details are available at

Woodside is working directly with KidsWifi and they have made devices available to us so we can offer them to you for only $100. Visit our display in the foyer on Sunday to learn more and/or take one home with you. Cash or cheques only (payable to Woodside)

As a parent, you should also know that KidsWifi is only one piece of the puzzle to helping our kids be healthy Internet users. KidsWifi only protects devices that are connected to Wifi in your house. KidsWifi cannot fully monitor phones that are connected to mobile data or when devices are connected to Wifi outside of your home. If you have questions, please come to the display on Sunday and let us help you.