AGM Update – Bylaw changes, Elder Candidates

AGM Update – Bylaw changes, Elder Candidates

(Update sent to Woodside Members on July 23, 2021)

Dear Woodside Member,

Today we have an update about some items related to our Annual General Meeting which is on Sunday, August 29 at 4:00 PM at Woodside.

Bylaw Changes

This is a short summary of proposed changes to Woodside’s Bylaw and why these changes are necessary. We ask all members to review the changes and provide feedback to the Elders in the next couple of weeks as the Members will be asked to vote on approving the new bylaw at the Annual Meeting.

Two versions of the entire draft bylaw are available:
Woodside draft bylaw (all changes shown in red)
Woodside draft bylaw (as proposed)

Slate of Elder Candidates

The Members will also be asked to vote on the following individuals who have agreed to put their names forward as Elder candidates for the next year. This list includes 6 current Elders and 2 new Elders.

  • Craig Allison
  • Dan Bishop
  • Bob Brown
  • Greg Fiss
  • Marv Gingrich
  • Craig Hoffman
  • Roland Mechler (new)
  • Scott Ruppert (new)

We ask that you prayerfully consider each of these men to continue or begin serving as Elders. Candidates who receive a vote of seventy-five (75%) percent of the Members present or represented by proxy at the Annual Meeting shall be appointed and/or affirmed as Elders.

Update Video

If you have not already done so, please watch this Elder Update video which was sent out on June 27.

If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, we will have proxy forms allowing you to ask another member to vote on your behalf.

If you would like a proxy form or printed copies of any documents please contact the church office at 519-669-1296 (ext 0) or

Updated information will continue to be posted at 

If you have questions prior to the meeting, please feel free to contact the Elders at


Woodside Board of Elders