Summer 2021 Staff

Summer 2021 Staff

Woodside is recruiting summer staff (age 16-30) to run our Elmira day camp programs at Woodside in partnership with Onside Athletics.

These are paid positions for 8 weeks starting June 28, 2021. Please apply through the Onside Athletics Summer Staff Application page.

Application Deadline is Monday, March 8

We’re looking for individuals who

  • will engage and interact with children and their parents;
  • are confident, dedicated, fun, enthusiastic and responsible; and
  • respect and align themselves with our mission.

There are several different positions listed below. Full requirements and levels of responsibilities for each position are listed on the application page. Individuals can apply for one or more positions through the Onside Athletics online application form.

Hiring the following positions for Elmira (Woodside) Summer 2021:

Camp Director
Camp Assistant Director
Camp Senior Counsellor
Camp Junior Counsellor
Camp Senior Sport Specialist
Camp Junior Sport Specialist
Camp Lifeguard & Counsellor