Camp Assistant Director

Camp Assistant Director

The Camp Assistant Director will be employed by Onside Athletics in partnership with Woodside. In conjunction with the Camp Manager, the employee will be responsible for implementing summer camp programs at Woodside. These include three weeks of Onside Athletic sports camps and three weeks of independent, mixed-activities camps.

Employment Status: Seasonal

Employment Length: 8 weeks starting June 29, 2020

Mandatory Training: July 2-3, 2020

Reports to: Camp Director

Job Requirements

  • Must be willing to work in a Christian environment and leading faith-based discussions
  • Must be committed to Woodside’s mission, vision and values
  • Must have experience working with Woodside, Onside Athletics, or approved equivalent
  • Must exhibit strong interpersonal communication skills (with parents, staff, campers)
  • Must exhibit strong organizational and administrative skills
  • Must have the ability to lead, model, disciple, and sustain a team of staff and volunteers
  • Must be at least 17 years of age as of December 31, 2020
  • Education in the field of sports management, religious ministries, or related fields is a benefit
  • Experience, knowledge of and interest in sports is a benefit
  • Familiarity with the program and the community are a benefit


  • To build on the church ‘s positive reputation by adding sizzle and demonstrating excellence in all Summer activities
  • Active, positive participation in the community of camp and in staff activities
  • Utilise their gifts and interests in the formation and implementation of Woodside’s independent camps

In conjunction with the Camp Director:

  • Implement programs and ensure that camp activities are running and functioning in an effective, focused manner
  • Supervise all participants (staff, campers, volunteers) during all activities, ensuring their health and safety
  • Take on the administrative aspects of camp programming
  • Lead daily devotions with staff members
  • Protect all confidential information of the players, campers, staff and parents
  • Along with the facility staff, ensure all facilities are clean and tidy, including the gym, washrooms, kitchen, youth room, meeting rooms, auditorium, etc.), and other such duties
  • Ensure a positive relationship and partnership between Woodside and Onside Athletics
  • Lead and be a positive role-model for your staff team, demonstrating servant leadership
  • Must comply with all safety protocols and procedures set in place by Onside Athletics and Woodside