Junior Sport Specialist

Junior Sport Specialist

Employment Status: Seasonal

Employment Length:  6-8 weeks starting July 2, 2020

Mandatory Training: July 2-3, 2020

Reports to: Camp Director

Job Requirements

  • Must be willing to work in a Christian environment
  • Must be committed to Woodside’s mission, vision and values
  • Must have experience, knowledge of, and interest in the camp sports
  • Must have experience working with Onside Athletics, or equivalent coaching experience
  • Must exhibit strong interpersonal communication skills (with parents, staff, campers)
  • Must have the ability to lead campers through activities
  • Must be at least 15 years of age as of July 1, 2020
  • Must participate in staff training (dates noted above)


  • To build on the church’s positive reputations by adding sizzle and demonstrating excellence in all Summer activities
  • Leading and instructing the participants and staff in how to properly perform sport related drills, warm ups and teach and enforce the rules of the sport
  • Focus on skill development and sport understanding
  • Active, positive participation in the community of camp and in staff activities
  • In conjunction with a Sr. Counsellor the employee will coach a team and facilitate a faith-based discussion
  • Oversee and supervise a group of campers during all on and off site activities
  • Understanding the age group of campers and initiate and develop a caring and accepting relationship with the campers under their care
  • Ensuring the health and safety of all participants
  • Communicating with parents and guardians when appropriate
  • The employee will protect all confidential information of the players, campers, staff and parents
  • Along with the facility staff, ensure all facilities are clean and tidy, including the gym, washrooms, kitchen, youth room, meeting rooms, auditorium, and etc.), and other such duties