Missions Updates

Missions Updates

Donations for Mbabala Island Preschool

Our Short-Term Missions Team to Mbabala Island, Zambia is leaving on February 22 and is taking donated items for the preschool there. Items we are looking to collect:PencilsCrayonsCraft Supplies…more There is a display table set up in the lower foyer if you wish to drop off any items by Sunday, February 17

Donna’s Place Spring Renovations

One of our 2016 year-end projects was making improvements to Donna’s Place – our temporary housing for missionaries on furlough. With your support, we raised over $25,000 for this renovation project. During the last few months, many volunteers have been busily working on the upper apartment at Donna’s Place and we’re pleased to say the work has been completed. In fact, the new residents, Phil and Andrea Bauman, have just arrived from Africa and are enjoying the newly updated apartment.…

Mbabala Island Memory – Dustin

(We’ve asked the team that served in Zambia in January to share some photos and memories from their trip) This is Peter, Mark’s right hand man for all things construction. We’d have been lost without him: project manager, translator, motivator. He learned much of his trade from another missionary who was faithful to mentor him in his younger days. Most places I’ve travelled, ex-patriates have at least one trustworthy, hard-working local. For Mark, this is Peter. ~ Dustin

Mbabala Island Memory – Dennis

(We’ve asked the team that served in Zambia in January to share some photos and memories from their trip) Getting supplies to the building site is a time consuming process. It involves a lot of mental energy planning, organizing and buying. And then physical energy walking and carrying. This is part of the reason the Mbabala Island remains under developed. Working together, we can bring supplies, development, teaching and encouragement. We can make a difference. ~ Dennis

Mbabala Island Memory – Amy

(We’ve asked the team that served in Zambia in January to share some photos and memories from their trip) Zambian urban centres were full of these little reminders “God is Able” or “God is Unique”. Signs like this one remind me just Who I am serving and encourage me to actively seek and listen to the gentle call of God. When you think of Zambia, Mbabala Island or Mark and Carmen, remember God IS able and there is nothing beyond…

Mbabala Island Team Update #2

(Most of the Mbabala Island team is back in Canada now. This was sent just before they left Zambia.) Lots has transpired since my last message. Last Sunday the whole team was supposed to head to the island, but due to weather only half of us were able to, and even then only by narrowly avoiding being drenched. The rest of the team and supplies made it Monday morning. We spent the week working on construction projects and delivering training…

Mbabala Island Team Update

Saturday. January 14 We had good trip over — a long one, but a good one. We arrived Wednesday morning in Lusaka, travelled halfway to Samfya, and then completed the journey the next day. We stayed Thursday night on the island. Half of us are sleeping in tents, half are in a rented simple house. Few critters around, but it will do. Friday we had a tour of the island, and talked about plans for next week and had a…