Encouragement in Crisis Video Series

Encouragement in Crisis Video Series

Crises are expected in the life of Christians. We are excited to launch this 7-part instruction series entitled “Encouragement in Crisis”.

Episode 1

Before being in a place to tackle crises well as a Christian, we need to start by assessing our personal relationship with Christ. This video reminds us that the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5) can be a great assessment tool and a reminder that we need to be more fully grafted to the Vine (John 15).

Episode 2

The Bible gives Christians very clear instructions on how we are to treat “those in authority”. Gordon and Scott begin the conversation by addressing a few scriptures relating to honouring government, and focusses on Romans 13.

Episode 3

In this episode we continue with the discussion of “honouring those in authority”, taken from Romans 13. We answer a number of tough questions on the topic and we extend the conversation to include honouring those in authority within a church setting.

Episode 4

The church has moved from positions of respect and influence to the sidelines, increasingly our of sync with society. The experiences of Daniel under a forced reeducation program in Babylon are highly instructive for us as we live in what can seem a hostile environment. Daniel’s cooperative spirit, along with his determination not to compromise who he was, are a great example to us as believers today.

Episode 5

“It’s scary out there…” or is it?  We are not to live in fear. The famous verse in Jeremiah where God promises He ‘plans to prosper us and not harm us’ was actually written to exiles in a pagan land with 70+ years of bondage ahead of them! God’s surprising advice about how to thrive in a hostile environment give us great clues to respond to life increasingly at odds with our society.

Episode 6

Three individuals from different workplaces reflect on how the recent crisis affected them at work, and what strategies could prove helpful going forward with whatever may develop going forward.

Episode 7

How can families not just survive, but thrive in a crisis? Dan Bishop and Cairine Domzella discuss strategies to help families stay strong in times of difficulty.