2019 Year-End Special Project

2019 Year-End Special Project

Total Donations = $99,687

Thank you for giving generously to the Year-End project. We have exceeded our target !

Each December, we identify special needs for a year-end giving project. To learn how you can donate, please see our Give page

The 3 projects for 2019 are:

1. Ray of Hope – first $10,000

Goal: support for Youth Employment and Training

This project will support the purchase of a new grill top/stove/oven combo for Ray of Hope’s Youth Employment program. This is a key tool for training short order cooks to prepare them for future employment.

2. Rwanda – Next $15,000

Goal: Youth Education, Discipleship and Mentoring

Under the leadership of our partners, Jennifer and Serge Kamari, provide support to youth for education, discipleship and mentoring. There are 15 students who are part of this program, some are former street children, orphans and some refugees. This project will support these students for tuition, school supplies, boarding (housing and food) and other expenses related to discipleship and mentoring for one year.

3. Church Plant – Next $50,000

Goal: Provide seed money for our church planting ministry

We are planning to launch a new church in Elmira in 2020. Funds in this project will be used towards the start of this church plant as needed.

If more than $75,000 is received in the Year-End project, the Elders will have discretion on how best to use those funds.

Please clearly indicate on your offering envelope that you want to direct your donation to the Year-End Special Project .
We will accept donations for these special projects until Tuesday, December 31, 2019. Official receipts will be issued in early 2020.