2020 Year-End Project

2020 Year-End Project

Thank You!

Over $172,000 was donated to our 2020 Year-End Project. Wow! Thank you for your generosity supporting these special needs.

The Board of Elders has approved the disbursement of the funds as follows:

Refugee Support – $70,000
House of Hope – $30,000
Conestoga Bible Camp – $72,000

Each December, we identify special needs for a year-end giving project. To learn how you can donate electronically or otherwise, please see our Give page

The 3 identified needs for 2020 are:

1. Refugee Support – first $45,000

Goal: Sponsoring 2 families to come to Canada

2. House of Hope (Austria) – Next $25,000

Goal: Towards rent costs of temporary facilities

House of Hope website

3. Conestoga Bible Camp – Next $30,000

Goal: Ongoing ministry support towards debt reduction and new septic system

Conestoga Bible Camp website

If more than the targeted amount is received in the Year-End project, the Elders will have discretion on how best to use those funds.

Please clearly indicate on your offering envelope or e-transfer that you want to direct your donation to the Year-End Project .
We will accept donations for the year-end project until Thursday, December 31, 2020. Official receipts will be issued in early 2021.