Missionary Partners

Missionary Partners

Woodside supports a number of missionary partners around the globe. If you would like to receive email updates from our missionaries, please let us know at info@woodsidechurch.ca

Lisa Barber

With MSC Canada, Lisa serves missionaries by providing mission worker care and encouragement.

Phil & Andrea Bauman

Serving with SIM in Ghana, Andrea works as the Personnel/Health Coordinator and Phil is the SIM Ghana Director.

Mark & Carmen Brubacher

The Brubachers live in Samfya, Zambia serving with Bright Hope and Water4 doing church based community transformation.

Adam & Jena Demark

The Demarks serve with Ethnos360 at their missionary training centre in Missouri.

Kirk & Patti Durston

Kirk and Patti serve with Power to Change. Patti is involved in team support while Kirk is an apologetics speaker.

Hamid & Debbie

Hamid and Debbie serve in Austria with International Teams by caring for refugees at House of Hope.

Wilma Findlay

Wilma lives in Elmira and serves with Outreach Canada, supporting missionary children and families.

Esther Frey

Serving with MSC, Esther directs the Emmaus Bible correspondence office in Puerto Rico.

Serge & Jennifer Kamari

The Kamaris live in Rwanda. Serving with MSC Canada, they work to empower people through education, discipleship and mentoring.

Katiana Konig

Katiana lives in Zomba, Malawi serving with Liebenzell as support to the mission team.

Brian & Alicia Martin

The Martins live in Elmira and serve with Ethnos Canada, providing care and support for missionaries.

Rick & Linda Martin

As part of My People in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Rick and Linda work to bring healing and the gospel of Jesus to the aboriginal people of Canada through holistic evangelism.

Russ & Meredith Martin

Russ and Meredith work in Asia, serving with Power to Change as a part of Cru’s global digital strategies team.

Terry & Brenda Martin

Serving in various administrative roles with Rising Above Ministries in Niverville, Manitoba empowering aboriginals to reach their own people.

Uche & Rachel Nweke

The Nweke’s serve in Canada with Wycliffe and EduDeo. Rachel serves on Wycliffe Canada’s engagement team and Uche is Edudeo’s international partnership director.

Pete & Faith Olver

As a part of Ethnos Canada in Durham, Ontario, Pete serves as the Coordinator for the International Security Team while Faith works in Guest Services.

Carlos & REBECCA Ortega

The Ortegas serve with MSC in Guayaquil, Ecuador. They work with the child sponsorship program and church in the neighbourhood of Bastion.

Gordon & Janet Wohlgemut

Part of Ethnos Canada, they train missionary students in Missouri and also have an itinerant ministry with national church leaders in Papua New Guinea.