Life Communities

Life Communities

In September 2020, Woodside became a Church of 10 Life Communities. We are excited to have 1,300 kids, youth, adults and seniors each involved in a Life Community.

We have produced an ongoing series of videos to explain Life Communities and encourage everyone to watch them to learn more.

In October, our Life Communities started gathering again for Sunday Services at the church. Here is current schedule.

SUNDAY December 6
8:30 AMWorship CentreLife Community 8
8:30 AMGymLife Community 6
11:00 AMWorship CentreLife Community 2
11:00 AMGymLife Community 10
6:00 PMWorship CentreLife Community 4
SUNDAY December 13
8:30 AMWorship CentreLife Community 1
8:30 AMGymLife Community 3
11:00 AMWorship CentreLife Community 5
11:00 AMGymLife Community 7
6:00 PMWorship CentreLife Community 9

If you have questions or want to be part of a Life Community, contact our Community Team at