Next Course: Wednesdays at 7:00 – 9:00 PM beginning January 16, 2019

The Kingdom of God and the Mission of the Church
January 16 – February 27  (7 weeks)

Synopsis: The Kingdom of God is one of the great biblical themes, and is woven through the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, and through the scope of God’s work in this world from Creation to Consummation.We will survey the Kingdom theme with the goal of understanding how it: 1) ties together the narrative of Scripture, 2) provides a foundation for the grand mission of the Church, and 3) provides a framework for a vision for our lives and the ministry of the local church.

Prof. Frank Vander Meulen (Director of Intercultural Studies, Heritage Seminary)
Cost: $25 for the course
(Optional extra $20 for recommended book)

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Woodside FoundationsFoundations provides an opportunity for deeper study of foundational truths regarding theology, the bible and our church. These classes are for men and women and will help believers become a better disciple and disciple maker of Jesus. 

Foundations aims to cover core topics like: 
    • How to study the Bible 
    • Christian apologetics 
    • The Biblical basis for missions 
  • Theological foundations of the faith 
Where possible, we will also seek to cover other individual topics. Each class typically runs from 4 to 8 weeks long.  

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