Living Victoriously Bible Study

Living Victoriously Bible Study


Three years ago, an emergency room doctor walked into the cold, bare room where I was sitting and told me that I had a general anxiety disorder and severe depression. It is hard to explain what those two labels did to me, but one thing was certain: I felt so incredibly alone. And if there was one place were I felt the most isolated, it was at church, where I had grown up believing that it was wrong to feel anything other than peaceful and joyful. “Christians don’t feel depressed and anxious,” I told myself. Therefore, I wasn’t a Christian. I now know that is wrong. I also know that I am not alone, for I have heard stories of other Christians who have struggled as I have struggled. Every time I hear a story like mine, I have this strong desire to know that person, fellowship with them and study God’s word together.

That is how this small group Bible study began: a desire to create a space where women who either struggle with their mental health or are dealing with deep pain (like childhood trauma or a difficult loss) can come together and study the Bible. My hope is that as relationships within the group develop, the study will become an encouragement to the members, both in their personal journeys of healing as well as their walks with the Lord.

Does this sound something you would like to be part of? If so, I cannot wait to meet you. All you have to do is email me at We’ll send you an email reply, confirming your registration and letting you know where and when to show up.

We’ll be meeting every Monday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at my apartment in Elmira, starting February 25. (We’ll be sending out the address later, to those who register.)

Our study will be Finding I Am by Lisa Terkeurst or Steadfast Love by Lauren Chandler. Click the links to learn more about the study.

God bless.


Still have questions?

This is what the study IS:

– It is a Bible study. We will be studying the Bible, often with the aid of a study guide. Our hope is to choose guides that are Bible-based, rather than book-based, and that have some applicability to the our experiences.

– It’s a place of Bible-centered support. Although the group is not a traditional support group, we do expect that support will develop naturally between us as the group matures. There will be opportunities during the study to speak about our experiences – in the context of the Bible study, and as each person feels comfortable – and opportunities to pray for one another. This is where support will begin.

– It is confidential. We will each commit to treasure what is said during our time together. Unless someone’s wellbeing is at risk, what is said during the Bible study will not be shared outside of the group.

This is what the study is NOT:

– It is not counselling. You should not come expecting to discuss your current struggles or past traumas and have those stories assessed by a social worker or trained counsellor.

– It is not a support group. You should not come expecting to discuss your current struggles or past traumas and listen to other group members do the same, as happens in a traditional support group.

– It is not a place where you will be forced to share what you are not comfortable sharing. We will have the opportunity to apply the study material to our lived experiences and will be encouraged to share what we’ve learn in group, but no one will be forced to share what they are not comfortable sharing.