Rooted for Growth postcard medium

Rebekah Hughes
Rebekah is a follower of Christ, who desires to love God wholeheartedly. She and her husband, Jonathan, have been married for 16 years, live in the delightful little community of Everett, Ontario and count it a blessing to home educate their three children. They fellowship with the believers at Pinewoods Chapel. Rebekah is astonished at the plenteous grace of God in her life and is in awe at the faithfulness of God and His marvelous plan of redemption and that God, by His mercy and grace, has taken away her heart of stone and given her a heart of flesh to seek after God all the days of her life. Rebekah survived the childhood cancer that left her with only one functioning lung, but the aggressive treatment she received to kill the cancer as a child, eventually led to severe damage to her heart and she endured high-risk open-heart surgery and 80 days in ICU in 2014. More than ever she is learning that every single breath of each day is a gift from God to grow in grace and knowledge of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Kathy-Allison-smallKathy Allison
Kathy grew up in Toronto where she met and later married Bob in 1958.  Bob’s banking career moved them to a number of western cities.  They decided that they wanted to be more involved in Christian Ministries.  In 1989, at the invitation of Woodside, Bob and Kathy moved to Elmira to fill the position of pastoral care and administration.  Kathy was part of the team as they visited, did Bible studies and showed hospitality.  Over the years Kathy has had a number of roles in the church but she loves most of all to do Bible teaching.  In her spare time Kathy loves to walk, read and visit with family members.  Their four children have now multiplied and their get togethers number 22.  They also enjoy the love and fellowship of several adopted families.

Pauline-Weber-smallPauline Weber
Pauline married Noah Weber forty-four years ago on a September afternoon. So began the adventure of tending a relationship that has brought them joy and pleasure as well as growth and maturity.  Together they enjoy their three married children, one daughter in-law and two sons-in-law. The crowning joy is the grandchildren; all nine of them.  Pauline and Noah have been part of the Woodside Bible Fellowship’s congregation and activities for thirty years.  Pauline retired from her job as an Educational Assistant. She thoroughly enjoyed twenty-six years, serving mostly at Linwood Public School in the kindergarten classes.  Her past-times usually revolve around homemaking, family, friends and church life.

Heidi-Konig-smallHeidi Konig
Heidi has been involved in leading small groups and mentoring women since her teens. She is passionate about helping other people to experience God personally. Heidi is currently studying at Tyndale Seminary to become a Spiritual Director.  She and Stefan love to travel, and her greatest travel adventure was leading a missions team to Rwanda (with a detour in Ethiopia). Heidi and Stefan have 4 young adult children, a daughter and 3 sons, who have caught their travel bug and found their own faith. Heidi likes dark chocolate, a good story, and laughing out loud with her kids.

Danielle-Brubacher-smallDanielle Brubacher
Danielle Brubacher enjoys sharing the realness of life with others.  She shares her heart quite quickly and honestly.  She loves tea dates, smoothies and grumpy chocolate.  Nature makes for her happy place and easy breathing.  She enjoys travel. She works as a Kinesiologist in a Neuro Rehab clinic.  She has a heart for assisting those in less fortunate positions.  She loves her husband and children dearly and loves who God has created them to be.  She desires to live life in Jesus.

Jeanette-Hiller-smallJeanette Hiller
Jeanette is passionate about pursuing God through His Word and ‘doing life’ with her husband Jonathan and their 4 children.  This passion has led her to co-leading Woodside’s Ladies Precept Bible Study, teaching grades 3-5 at Woodside’s CHAMPS program and being the Chairperson of her kids School Council.  She loves meeting with different women of all ages over coffee and baked goods to chat, pray, be encouraged and challenged.  She loves doing Real life with Real women.

Sandra deVries
Sandra deVries
Sandra loves the sound of laughter and seeing people smile.  In the highs and lows of life she has found her strength and courage for each new moment in her relationship with God.  Sandra has been married to David for about 17 years.  Knowing relationships take work, they love their newest dating venue: cycling! David and Sandra have three children and are well on their way to having a house full of teenagers.  Sandra spent many years at home while her kids were small and also spent time volunteering or working part time with those who are struggling.  She is currently pursuing her Master of Divinity with a clinical counselling focus at Tyndale Seminary.  Sandra longs for all people to find freedom, hope and healing in an ever deepening relationship with God through Jesus Christ.