Saturday Breakout Sessions

 Spiritual Direction:  Being refreshed by God’s Presence – 10:45 or 12:45 (Heidi Konig)
God is always present with us, but we may find it hard to notice Him.  Spiritual direction is an ancient spiritual discipline of soul care in which the director listens prayerfully and helps the person notice their experience of God’s presence in everyday life.  A spiritual director “guides you into encounters with God in the places where you need it most.” (Barton, Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership, 17)  Curious?  Hungry to experience God?  Longing to hear what He has to say to you?  This seminar offers you a bit of teaching, mixed with personal stories and experiential learning.

Personal Devotions:  Times of Refreshing – 10:45 (Kerry Wright)
Jesus calls us to come to Him when we are weary and burdened and He will give us rest.  This practical session will explore creative ways to deepen your devotional time. We will begin to explore ways to invite the Holy Spirit to lead us to Jesus. We will look at the benefits received when we sit, write, listen, reflect and pray.

Refreshing in Worship – 10:45 (Kurtis & Hannah Wright)
What does it mean to worship?  What does it look like?  How do we experience, embrace and enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit in our worship?  How can we worship in a way where we come away refreshed?  Come and hear about how the Holy Spirit seeks to lead us in our worship and guide us to magnify our Savior – Jesus

An Integrated Approach to Caring For Others – 12:45 (Cairine Domzella)
We are called to “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” in Galatians 6:2. Our best intentions in caring for others, however, are often misguided by our own impatient need to fix. In this session we will explore a framework for care that is holistic and person centered. While caring for others is uniquely satisfying work and can be refreshing, we will also discuss the costs of caring, and how to prevent burnout.

Once Upon a Time – True Stories of God’s Faithfulness – 12:45 (Patti LaRose)
Patty and Jodi have fully entrusted their lives, ministry and income to the Lord, and he has shown them time and again that He is faithful.  Be encouraged as you hear about some of the amazing answers to prayer they’ve had over their 15+ years of ministry.