Whether it’s walking alongside someone who is going through a difficult time in life or providing a meal to a family with a new baby, we want to give spiritual support and share God’s love and compassion with all.

The Congregational Care Ministry at Woodside provides compassionate, caring concern through personal contact with members of the church family.

To access or become involved with any of the below ministries, please contact our Director of Care, in confidence:

Cairine Domzella, MA, RP, CCC
519-669-1296 ext. 32

Peer Support

Peer Support Training starts October 5 Caregiving is grounded in Jesus’ command to love one another (1 John 4: 11-12). Through one-to-one caring relationships, those who are hurting receive the love, care and confidentiality they need for support. Our trained caregivers help those who are hospitalized, terminally ill, bereaved, in a job crisis, home bound, lonely, in trying circumstances, or in a spiritual crisis. Everyone goes through difficult times. Having someone to care, to listen and to share God’s love…

Encouragement & Support

ENCOURAGEMENT & SUPPORT The primary duty of the Encouragement & Support Team is to ensure that individuals or families going through a difficult time/crisis situation are shown God’s care and love by the church family. Here are ways they do this: HELPING HANDS The Helping Hands Team ministers to the physical needs of the Woodside congregation and community. These may be of a financial or practical nature. Help is provided where possible with the resources that are available through church…


Seniors who attend services at Woodside are visited on a regular basis. People who are hospitalized or shut in for an extended time are visited as appropriate. Retirement homes & long term care people are on a list for visits as well.

Prayer Wall

This space is for requests for prayer and also sharing prayers of gratitude and hope. For help with the Prayer Wall, contact

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain contacts people who are committed to pray for needs within the Woodside family. Communication is made either by e-mail or by phone. If you have a prayer request for the prayer chain please contact us.


Short Term Counselling Available at Woodside Referrals to Counselling / Support With partner agencies or private practitioners Financial Counselling Assistance can be provided through: • Individual confidential financial counselling for singles and couples (session would include prayer, goal setting and accountability) • Small group seminar for those wishing to become more responsible stewards (a session with a small group would include prayer time and a look at “Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money” – an 8 week course either 1…