Kids Klubs

Kids Klubs

First Night Of Kids Klubs: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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Our building comes alive Tuesday evenings when kids from all over the community come out to play, worship and learn Bible truths!

Kids Klubs are a fabulous way to help your children connect with God mid-week. Games, friendships, worship time, Bible lessons and more help kids dig deeper into God’s word. Our enthusiastic and energetic leaders model God’s love consistently. Memory verses help kids connect with the Bible and make applications to real life.

Kids Klubs, Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 8:15pm

First Night Of Kids Klubs: Tuesday, September 17

Children age 3 to Gr 5 are invited to join us in one of three different Klubs
 • Awana Cubbies: Ages 3 – JK  (Note: Cubbies ends at 8:00 pm each week)
Heroes: SK – Grade 2
Champs: Grades 3–5

Empower your kids for real life – with Jesus – through this amazing program!

Cost is $25 per child for the year, max $100 per family.

The Online Waiver Form must be completed for your child(ren) to attend Kids Klubs.

Allergy Alert

If your child has allergies and carries an Epi-pen, you will be required to complete an ANAPHYLAXIS ALERT form and provide a current picture of your child.  Please list any medications, allergies or special needs your child may have i.e  ADHD, learning difficulties, etc.