Conference Workshops

Conference Workshops

Workshop #1- Who am I that I should go? 

Who am I that I should go? This was a question I asked myself when I felt God leading me into cross-cultural work. There are probably others who ask themselves the same question because they feel inadequate for the task. I will share how God responded to my question. In this interactive workshop, we will also discuss what is the need in missions, what Christ has done for me, what’s in my hands, and what can I do if I am not called? 

Workshop lead byMerla Gogel – Prior to joining SEND Canada (2003), I served in Japan for 12 years. During my time overseas, I participated in church ministry focusing on children’s, youth, and young ladies’ programs. Additionally, I taught conversational English to people of all ages. I was honored to share God’s saving grace with the Japanese. In my current role, I am a Missions Coach working in London, Ontario. On a different note, I grew up cheering for the Montreal Canadiens, but I am now also a Maple Leafs fan. 

Workshop #2- Missional Business and Disciple-making Movements 

Carmen Brubacher will share her experience with virtuous profit and some practical tools for disciple-making. 

Workshop lead by- Carmen Brubacher – She was a missionary kid, born and raised in Kenya where, in high school, she met Mark. After some more school in California, Mark and Carmen tied the knot and they moved to Ontario for yet more school. That’s where they got involved with Woodside, had a couple of kids and were commissioned to go to Sudan and then Zambia. With her background in engineering, Carmen started a water company in Zambia, using safe water to access rural communities with the gospel. To date, 4Ward Development Zambia manages 52 solar pumping schemes serving over 100,000 people with safe water where we have introduced discovery bible study and have over 20,000 groups meeting weekly to discover, obey and share. 

Carmen will share her experience with virtuous profit and some practical tools for disciple-making. 

Workshop #3- Challenging Mindsets in Missions 

We have all been conditioned to certain beliefs and attitudes – explore the effect your mind-set has in missions. 

Workshop lead by- Mark Brubacher– He was a missionary kid whose parents served in Zambia. He was shipped off to Kenya for high school, where he met his future wife. He went on to do a Bachelor’s in Agriculture in California, married Carmen, moved to Ontario, and did a Master’s degree in International Development. Woodside commissioned Mark and Carmen to Sudan and then Zambia with their daughters, Nala and Lilly. Mark has been serving with Bright Hope, training local church leaders to lead and serve in their community. Mark also invites these communities to join the network of Christian Farmers Associations, through which out-grower schemes, grain storage, feed mills, oil presses, boat transport, butchery services and demonstration farms all provide opportunity and add value to help subsistence farmers gain freedom from poverty. 

Workshop #4- Engaging the Unreached 

Did you realize that we live in one of the most spiritually closed societies in the world? This makes the idea of sharing our faith overwhelming and it often leads us on an endless chase that includes many complex solutions. What if there were some foundational principles that have always been in place? What if these principles would simplify the process and help us be confident and satisfied in our obedience, despite the varied response of the people around us? What if these principles functioned anywhere in the world? What if our success depended not so much on our knowledge or ability but more on our willingness to try? In this workshop we plan to identify timeless biblical principles and consider how we can apply them in our lives. 

Workshop lead by- Steve Twinem- He is presently pastor of Truth Community Church in Thamesford and the Church Relations Director for Pioneers Canada a mission agency whose goal is “mobilizing teams to initiate church planting movements among the unreached.” Steve and his wife Lisa have been married and in ministry together for 30+ years. Steve was a pastor for 12 years in Canada and then along with their four children they spent 15 years in Peru where they were involved with training church leaders, evangelism/discipleship and orphanage ministry. Steve enjoys studying and preaching God’s word with the knowledge that Christ through His gospel transforms our lives and will continue to until He comes again.  

Workshop #5- Developing Intercultural Competency: All of God’s People to All of the Nations 

All of God’s people are called to participate in God’s mission of blessing all the nations (Gen. 12). In His divine wisdom, God has scattered the nations and has placed them in Canada. To engage in missional ministry in Canada, it will require crossing cultural boundaries to build trusting relationships. To this aim, this workshop will seek to develop intercultural competency in participants. Kaitie will also speak briefly about how you can engage in Lausanne’s Fourth Global Congress for World Evangelization in September. 

Workshop lead by- Kaitie Martin- She was born and raised at Woodside. She currently works as a Registered Psychotherapist at By Peaceful Waters in Waterloo. She has served in cross-cultural ministry on short to mid-term stints in Botswana, Zambia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Japan. Kaitie will be attending Lausanne’s Fourth Global Congress for World Evangelization in September 2024 in Seoul, South Korea as a Canadian delegate. She has a passion for intercultural friendships and a desire to see greater collaboration between the Church at the global and local level to the glory of God. 

Workshop #6- Indigenous People and the Healing Power of the Jesus Way – Finding our Hearts Through the Love of God 

Come learn with Rick and Linda as they share their passion for Jesus and for Indigenous peoples. How can you join in helping everyone find their hearts through the love of God? 

Workshop lead by- Rick and Linda Martin– They have been in the ministry of spiritual and personal healing through teaching and counselling since September 2000. They both hold M.A.s in counselling from Providence Seminary in Manitoba. Their teaching focuses on issues such as grief, abuse, trauma, historical trauma and other topics. As well, they have focused on healing circles; creating a safe space for individuals to begin to tell their stories. They both have a great passion for the gospel, holistic healing and keeping Jesus at the centre of everything. Rick also has a music ministry with Howard Jolly (CREE) and the Rising Above Band. 

They focus on ministry alongside Indigenous people in Canada. Rick and Linda have been married 36 years and have two beautiful daughters. One is married with two wonderful grandsons. Linda is Severn Cree from Muskrat Dam First Nations in, Ontario. Rick is Swiss German from southern Ontario 

Workshop #7- Engaging with our Muslim Neighbours 

“Dear Muslim neighbours, I wish you had what I have…” You have faith in Jesus and it’s a gift that must be shared. You have Muslim neighbours, and don’t you wish you knew how to share that gift with them! There are pitfalls and good pointers. Come, learn and discuss some practical ways to engage our Muslim neighbours, sharing good news with them. We will also look at engaging with Muslim women, somewhat different from the approach with men. 

Workshop lead by- Lee- Lee walks with Jesus-followers, nudging them to take next steps into wholistic, cross-cultural living. She began this journey in the mid-1990s, after meeting a missionary doctor, whose testimony integrated faith (in Jesus) and work. After several years’ work as an occupational therapist in Ontario, Lee took an assignment in Central Asia and another in East Asia. She now serves with the Canada Ministry Team, coaching teammates and their churches toward wholistic ministry. On the side, she and her husband are launching a small business in the Middle East. 

Workshop #8- Discipleship Making Movements Starting in the Home 

Why is God using Disciple Making Movements (DMM) to bring millions of people to Christ throughout the world? How can I start using DMM where I live and work? 

Workshop lead by- Tom- He is a representative of Pioneers Canada, whose purpose is to go into regions where few people have ever had the opportunity to hear of Jesus and His great salvation, and tell the story of His amazing love. 

Children’s Workshop

Galcom – Shelley and Alastair Wyatt – Galcom Mission Trip – installing a radio tower and broadcasting about Jesus