Muskrat Dam Mission Trip

Muskrat Dam Mission Trip

We are planning to send another team to Muskrat Dam in summer 2024! We had an excellent trip this past summer and are looking forward to partnering with this community this coming year.

Muskrat Dam is an isolated community of 300-350 people in northern Ontario.  It is a fly in reserve in the summer and ice roads over the lake in the winter.  They are an Oji-Cree nation.  They speak a mixture of English and Oji-Cree. Linda and Rick Martin are our local missionary partners.  Linda is from Muskrat Dam and most of her family still lives there.

Mission Trip date: Early July 2024

The goal of this trip is to develop relationships, to have a spirit of openness to learn from each other, and to show the love of Jesus. The hope is to do a day camp for the local children. We go with the confidence that God will open up opportunities as He sees fit.

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