Prayer Walk Guide

Prayer Walk Guide

God wants us to talk to him about everything. Take some time to enjoy the neighbourhood or town you live in by going for a walk as a family, with friends or by yourself and pray for your neighbours. If you can’t get out for a walk, then simply pray where you are.


When to walk
Check your calendar and the forecast. Set aside at least 30 minutes to walk.

Who to walk with
Invite a friend or another family to join you. On your own works too.

Where to walk
Look at a map and plan out a route. Think about how to include places where people gather like schools, parks and sports facilities. It’s up to you.


Here are some activities you can do on your walk. For kids of all ages.

Find houses with a red front door.
How many right turns did we make?
Take a 5 minute play break at a playground.
How far did we walk? Steps or kms.
Make up your own activities. Have fun while you pray!


You can pray in lots of ways. Here are some prayer points to get you started.

“God, show us what we can do for others.”
“Help us love all our neighbours.”
“Give our leaders wisdom.”
“Open our eyes to the needs around us.”
“Teach us to love like Jesus loved.”
“Thank you for the people on our street.”
“Who can we share the Gospel with?”