Sundays at Woodside

Sundays at Woodside

Expect to be Welcomed

Woodside may seem like a large church (or small, or somewhere in between) to you but we strive hard to make sure everyone feels welcome!

Before each Sunday morning service, we have greeters just inside the door waiting to say “Good morning” to you and answer any questions you have. There’s no interrogation at the door asking for three pieces of photo I.D. – we’re happy you’ve decided to come hang out at Woodside, no strings attached. We also have a welcome desk if you have any questions.

We definitely welcome kids too! Head to the children’s ministry Check-In stations in the lower entrance and you’ll find friendly attendants to help you get checked in and know where to go.

Also free coffee and tea are served before the services in our Common Grounds café! The cafe is also open at other times throughout the week (like during the Tuesday night Kids Klub program) – a great spot to relax by yourself or with a friend.

Expect to be Comfortable

You should be at church because you want to be there – not because you feel obligated to go.

Please come and join us. And come as you are, in comfort. No one will question you for wearing a t-shirt or (gasp!) a Leafs jersey and you won’t feel out of place. But we would prefer if you wipe the mud off your cowboy boots first.

At Woodside, we want you to find your sweet spot – and we have some great ushers who will show you the perfect seat to find it. You won’t be dragged up to the front row and no one will ask you to stand up because you’re a visitor.

If you have questions or want to know more, drop by our Welcome Desk in the upper foyer. We have a free gift for you to take home with you. We’ll also help you get more connected at Woodside in a way that works for you.

Expect the Unexpected

This doesn’t mean we’re going to ask you to sing in front of everyone or spring something else on you. After 40 years as a church, we just know that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Some good, some not so much.

At Woodside, we are a community. A community rooted in faith. And our shared expectation is that we will live life together; supporting one another, sharing in the joys and trials, looking out for one another, learning, praying and growing together.

We hope you’ll see and feel it anytime you walk into Woodside – something that says “being here is better than trying to do it all by myself”.

That’s what Real Life with Jesus is all about.