Big Questions for Families (4 Week Course)

Big Questions for Families (4 Week Course)

Sunday Mornings (January 17 – February 7) @ 11:00 AM in the Upstairs Student Lounge

BIG QUESTIONS FOR FAMILIES is a 4-week course designed specifically for Christian parents, but is also useful for grandparents and ministry leaders serving children and youth.

Focusing on the subjects of Pluralism, Human Sexuality and the Problem of Evil, the course helps Christians understand the key issues and assumptions behind these subjects, while also presenting practical and biblical responses.

Shaping the minds of the next generation for Christ is of crucial importance. BIG QUESTIONS FOR FAMILIES is a tool to help parents and churches do that.

Session Topics

1. PLURALISM (January 17)

Addressing our current cultural climate that promotes ‘openness’ to every perspective, this session helps Christians respond to the cultural challenge which says: “Who are you to think you are right?”

2. SEX AND CULTURE (Part 1) (January 24)

Provides families with a practical help in responding to the newly released sex-ed curriculum entering the Ontario school system.

3. SEX AND CULTURE (Part 2) (January 31)

Provides families with a biblical framework for preemptively giving children a biblical understanding of and appreciation for God’s gift of human sexuality.

4. THE PROBLEM OF EVIL (February 7)

Helps families respond to one of the most difficult objections against God, which is the objection from the existence of evil and suffering.

BPTA_Graphic_miniig Questions for Families is a presentation of Prepared to Answer, a ministry seeking to serve churches and Christian families by equipping them to train up the minds of the next generation.
The course is taught by Scott Stein, an experienced pastor and trained Christian apologist.Scott Stein photo