Current Series

Current Series

SUNDAYS @ 9:15 & 11:00

Celebrate Who God Is

Working from ourselves to God, we tend to create God in our own image, one that may be bigger than us but with some domestication, is quite controllable. Join us as we instead look at the revelation of God, from above to below, and realize why he is worthy of our worship – there is none like him.

June 30 IncomprehensibleDan Allen
July 7Perfectly GoodKirk Durston
July 14FaithfulKris Konig
July 21JustGordon Wright
July 28ImmutableGord Ahier
August 4Long SufferingDarcy Dueck
August 11HolyDarcy Dueck
August 18Omniscient, Omnipresent, OmnipotentDan Allen
August 25Investing in the FutureRick Reed
September 1David Barker

Previous Series

Many people find it easy to understand about God the Father, and God the Son, but struggle to understand how and where God the Holy Spirit fits into the picture. Who exactly is he? And how does he work in our lives? Join us in this 3 week series as we seek to not only understand him but to experience him.

June 9The Person of the Holy SpiritDan Allen
June 16The Presence of the Holy SpiritGordon Wright
June 23The Power of the Holy SpiritDan Allen

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