Help Ukraine

Help Ukraine

All of us are appalled at the horrors happening in Ukraine and the 4+ million refugees fleeing war, many of whom are making their way to Canada, and we wonder what we can do to help.

We want to create an inventory of resources available from our Woodside family. Please email us at if you are able to provide any of the following:

Housing: short term or long term, and for how many individuals

Employment: Most Ukrainians are coming to Canada with work visas and may be able to take jobs if they were available

Gift cards: for clothing and shoes, especially for children

Furniture or appliances

Cash: for transport of medical supplies and food to Ukraine, and for food and supplies for recent arrivals to Canada

Practical help: Indicate willingness to volunteer time and skills to set up living space, move furniture and supplies, etc.

Items to send to Ukraine

GENERAL: baby food, wet wipes, baby cream, knee & elbow pads, orange duck tape, tactical gloves , backpacks (dark colours), men’s underwear, men’s socks, hiking boots (size 10 and up), sleeping bags, yoga mats, compasses, batteries power banks, flashlights, old cellphones

MEDICAL SUPPLIES: bandages , iodine, hydrogen peroxide, pain killers (Tylenol etc.) * cold medicine * ear&eye drops, Tegaderm, Extrasorb, Inadine, hydrocolloid, Mepore, Betadine Saline, Polysporin cream, Idosorb powder 

TOOLS/REHABILITATION: scissors, tweezers, forceps, easy-fold stretcher wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, thermal blankets

Anything else that comes to mind that may be helpful

We would then contact you if and when we have need for the things you have offered.

Thank you for your compassion and concern