Church Spring Cleaning

Church Spring Cleaning

Our theme for the day is, “This is our House”. We want to remember how grateful we are to God for this beautiful building where we do family together as a church.  Please sign up for a job and come and put your hand in. There will be projects that can be done on the Saturday but, if you can’t make it on the day there will also be projects that can be done throughout the week. Sign up at the serve board in the upper foyer.

There is work for people of all ages!

Some examples of work that is needed to be done:

Outdoor work – weeding, mulching, trimming bushes (please bring a pair of gloves and a shovel if you have one)

Indoor – 

  • basement – cleaning toys, cleaning chairs, tables, cleaning nursery & library areas
  • youth wing – wiping tables, chairs, cleaning kitchen area
  • café, fellowship hall, foyers – washing doors & windowsills, wiping tables & chairs

If you have any question please email