Youth Missions Trip – Chapleau Ontario

Youth Missions Trip – Chapleau Ontario

Trip Overview


This March break, (March 8-17, 2024), Woodside will be sending a team of senior youth to the Northern community of Chapleau, ON, a place that has long been connected to many people at Woodside, largely through the ministry of Wildwood Bible Camp ( As a church, we would like to show God’s heart for this community as it extends beyond the summertime and to provide a connection point for children and families who often struggle to find support in their faith journey throughout the year. The cost of this trip should range from $300-$600 per person, a cost that will be covered in part by students as well as by donations (please don’t let the cost be a deterrent in applying as we will work together as a team to raise the money needed for our trip).

The upcoming trip was put forward with the following goals in mind:

  • To show God’s unconditional love to the children and youth in and around Chapleau, ON and demonstrate that God’s heart for them is not confined to the summer
  • To support the local churches and their leaders and encourage them
  • To empower and raise up leaders within the community and invest in long term ministries
  • To serve the community as a whole and show the love of Jesus by meeting practical needs
  • To provide an opportunity for the youth at Woodside grow in their faith and understand and use the gifts God has given them for His glory
  • To provide young people at Woodside the opportunity to learn how to work in a different environment and connect cross-culturally

Many of the details involved in implementing these goals remain to be decided by the team that is chosen in partnership with leaders in the church/community in the Chapleau area, however we will strive to include a week-long day-camp program, a youth event, our involvement in running a local church service, and any projects/service opportunities needed by the community. Below is a timeline of the application and preparation process:

January 14 – application deadline

January 16 – interviews held for potential team members at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm

January to March – weekly meetings for missions prep, program planning and teambuilding (day of the week TBD)

*there will also be a parent info night and a church update/fundraiser in this timeframe with dates TBD

March 8/9 – driving to Chapleau (with a stopover in Sudbury)

March 9-16 – camp ministry etc. (we will be staying at the church and/or with trusted host families over this time)

March 16/17 – driving back home (with a stopover in Sudbury)

Late March – team debrief meeting


This trip is open to all senior youth whether or not they are from Woodside and regardless of past missions experience, however due to the new nature of this trip and the many unknowns, we are looking for team members who are committed and ready to take responsibility in planning and preparing the program we will put on, who are flexible and willing to work with change as it comes up both in planning and on the trip, and who are ready to learn and grow in their faith, being challenged to step out of their comfort zone. Additionally, though not mandatory, any experience in camp ministry and up-to-date Woodside Plan to Protect training are favoured in an applicant.

Please follow the link below to fill out your application. We look forward to receiving your applications and meeting with you soon!

*if you have any questions or if you are a senior youth leader/are no longer in youth and would like to know how you can support this trip/get involved, please contact Danya Bowman (*