Family Treasures

Family Treasures

In this series entitled “Family Treasures”, we will look at five gifts that we receive from God that we can give to our families. Whether you are a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend, God wants to use you to bless your family.

The Gift of Honour

Jesus modelled how to honour each other by seeing the high value each person holds in God’s eyes and treating them accordingly. We can build a culture of honour in our relationships, with our spouses, and in our families and so pass on the treasure of honour. There is one secret ingredient to fostering healthy honouring relationships without which we will not be…

The Gift of Love

Having a loving, connected family is a treasure. As Christians, we reflect God’s love for us by responding in love to Him and each other. In 1 John 3 and 4, we find why we should seek after love and how it can be cultivated in our relationships. We want to give some hopeful ideas for imperfect families because all of our families can grow in love.