Sermons by Dan Allen (Page 4)

Sermons by Dan Allen (Page 4)

Vision Sunday

Pastor Dan Allen reflects on a new ministry year starting, Woodside’s mission and core values. He also introduces Believe, a 30 week journey the church will be starting together on October 4th.

Marriage Matters

God created marriage. But why? Listen as Pastor Dan Allen explains five reasons. You may be surprised at some of them. Scripture: Genesis 2:15-25

Sabbath Matters

Basic theology and practical understanding on how to make the Sabbath part of your life.

Identity Matters

Who you are matters! I have been raised with Christ I have died with Christ I will appear with Christ.

Give Thanks

We need to recognize the daily blessings and give thanks to the source – our Heavenly Father
All In

Baptism & Communion

Being “all in” means participating fully in the life of the church – receiving communion and being baptized.