"Jesus" Tagged Sermons

"Jesus" Tagged Sermons


Thankfulness. Luke 17:11-18What is our response to Jesus? Kris KonigDecember 30, 2018

The Great Reveal: Peace

3rd Sunday of Advent Peace – a service on songs, readings and communion Communion thoughts by Jen Horst and Daniel Moes. The video contains various parts of the service but does not contain songs due to copyright.

When In Doubt …

What does Jesus have to say about doubt? How do you deal with doubt in your life? Gordon Wright looks to Jesus’ words in the Gospel of Matthew for some answers to these questions.

The King’s Return: Be Ready

Matthew 24:36 – 25:46 Jesus told several parables to describe what it will be like when he return – and that we need to be ready because his return will come at an unexpected time. Dan Allen

The King’s Speech: Jesus on Judging

Week 7 in our series looking at the Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 7:1-6 Dan Allen shares what Jesus teaches us about living with others and what judging means. 1. What does Jesus mean by “Do not judge”? 2. Why shouldn’t I judge others? 3. What about those who refuse to be helped?

The King’s Arrival – Week 7: Light

Week 7 of our series through the Gospel of Matthew. Part 1 is The King’s Arrival. Light Dan Allen preaches on Matthew 2:1-18 and the great message of the arrival of the King, Jesus Christ our Saviour.
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