Woodside is blessed with a great leadership team composed of Staff and Elders. Please browse through these so you can put faces to names and come introduce yourself. We’d love to talk to you!

Lisa Barber

With MSC Canada, Lisa serves missionaries by providing mission worker care and encouragement.

Phil & Andrea Bauman

Serving with SIM in Ghana, Andrea works as the Personnel/Health Coordinator and Phil is the SIM Ghana Director.

Mark & Carmen Brubacher

The Brubachers live in Samfya, Zambia serving with Bright Hope and Water4 doing church based community transformation.

Adam & Jena Demark

The Demarks serve with Ethnos360 at their missionary training centre in Missouri.

Kirk & Patti Durston

Kirk and Patti serve with Power to Change. Patti is involved in team support while Kirk is an apologetics speaker.

Hamid & Debbie

Hamid and Debbie serve in Austria with International Teams by caring for refugees at House of Hope.

Wilma Findlay

Wilma lives in Elmira and serves with Outreach Canada, supporting missionary children and families.

Esther Frey

Serving with MSC, Esther directs the Emmaus Bible correspondence office in Puerto Rico.
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